I decided I want to be rich. I want to improve my situation. I want to be better. That’s where I am going. Let me tell you a bit of where am from. I’ve told you before, repeatedly, of my geographic affiliation to the east of Nairobi.

I’ll need some space. I am claustrophobic. I am a free spirit. It is not too far in the past that we occupied the living room floor by the night and had rude awakenings every morning. Money never sleeps. I remember a geography class in high school on urbanization. It described the conditions in the lower class housing especially the population density; Laughed alone as the teacher spoke of a lack of recreational spaces. I’m led to believe i had a middle class upbringing. Labels

Cleaner air. The water that runs through my hood needed treatment still does.  It sometimes found its way into verandahs and seasonal rivers called roads. I smile at the memory and innocence. It was all good until I ventured to the other side. The last frontier

Culture shock! First the weather; it’s way cooler for one that had spent most of his life in an oven both in Nairobi and in holiday visits to the ‘reserve’. Geography explained this phenomenon as ‘micro climate’ and I never referred to my home as ‘reserve’ more so after studying history. The power of life and death is in the word.  Everything else follows

Consider these two : one, gated community and two, ghetto(ed) community.

I am reading about the birth of the state of Israel and appreciating the fight in a man. That persistence , that determination, that single minded focus, character. When the odds are stacked against you and the chips are down. Your back to the sea and enemies surround you

To change your lot is to work on the heart and mind. The body follows

There are great mountains on my path, I understand I need to change my perspective and it might just be a pebble. The fear of the unknown, the fear of failure, the fear of ridicule; I acknowledge the presence of these, now, I overcome

The harder the battle the sweeter the victory; Its not the destination it’s the journey. As my high school partner in crime would say ‘ it’s a process not an event’. Now, the greatest motivation is them telling me what I cant be. Yes, difficult takes a day impossible takes a week. I am out to prove something. I have done this before. I can do it again. It’s the fuel I need for this duel with fate. Wrestling and wresting what’s mine.

Sometimes or most times unfortunately it is those closest to you that you have to fight. They suffocate you with their love in the belief they are protecting you from hurt. Count your victories because if you search you’ll see you’ve had some breakthroughs before. I am testament to this…..


2 thoughts on “motivation

  1. I really liked your “Protest” post. Love this line: “Until we all learn the power and beauty of our own individual voices, harnessing it in unity to amplify each other, then we deserve everything that comes to us.”

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