I stood on the podium and started my act. It was to be my opening lines, a declaration of intent and statement of belief. A prayer.


Good lord !!…

Nina omba gun

Nigee ka-g3

Nimechoka na..


Niki pocket


Ki protex…


It continues… ‘ sita hopeless, kijobless…’. That was in my university student days. Now I am employed but it is clear to me that I have always had a job. To set the captives free to bring the good news to the poor and oppressed. Rouse consciousness of these to a different way of living; an improvement of conditions. It begins in the mind.

Fear is a habit, meaning it is learned over time as it takes root and finally paralyses. Fear is a weapon but so is truth and both can be tools. Who shall be the voice of the voiceless? They wait for a savior looking up to the skies – Jesus? Superman? The justice league? NGO? – NO!

Until we all learn the power and beauty of our own individual voices, harnessing it in unity to amplify each other, then we deserve everything that comes to us.

Accidents, ignorance, poverty, disease, corruption, tribalism, alcoholism, greed, political & domestic violence, joblessness, ‘tunaombaserikalism’

I quote J F K “ask not what your country can do for you; ask instead what you can do for your country!”

So #occupyparliament was distasteful to you but what have you done to register your displeasure with the conduct of your Member of Parliament. Pig blood on your shirt turned you (& your wife) off demonstrations. Hear me, tyranny and impunity will get your children’s blood on your hands.

Wangari Maathai once narrated the story of a forest fire. The fire spread and animals have the fight or flight response. As they ran away they met the little bird ferrying water in its beak to put out the fire. The elephant ridiculed the bird. The bird replied that it was doing the best it could with what it had. I don’t remember the rest of the story but I got the message. I sincerely hope you do too.


Psst. Its “Not Yet Uhuru”



Boniface Mwangi


From the ‘saul alinsky note’ fellow at the film festival


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