LUOR is:

Luor is fear

Luor is respect

Luor is to go around


Luo is to follow.


To a different generation it is the shame of growing up being identified as these people and being bitterly critical and apologetic for their excesses also considered your own. You are the expert on why they behave the way they do and the castigation is relentless.

It follows; the crime is in the evidence and the evidence is in the name. The name is in the language and the language is in the culture. This culture is in the person and the person is in guilt.

Pride; they are a terrible people in full stride.

Fear what you can’t control hate what you can’t conquer. Niccolo Machiavelli advises ‘the prince’ that fear is better than love for a ruler. He surmises that one cannot control love but can control fear in the subjects, this is expedient. The opposite of fear is love. Luor is fear and I suggest we love or learn to love these difficult people.

It is claimed that they have a deep sense of justice and the current freedoms we in Kenya enjoy is on account of their noisy fight for rights. This is further illustrated by their heavy representation in student’s and worker’s strikes as spokespersons. Alternatively, they can be perceived as a destabilising influence. Either way, give the devil his due, Luor is respect.

A siege-mentality is a defensive or paranoid attitude based on the belief that others are hostile towards one. I’ll call it a developing story. It has been so for about fifty years and is slowly permeating their consciousness. I have gleaned this from conversations had, overheard and reported. Don’t shoot the messenger. Luoro is to surround

Let us argue that the socio-economic experience they are having is a consequence of choice. They refuse to shoulder the blame but I will rush to their defence; Luo is to follow. I don’t know if I made things better or worse. Even so I shall not point fingers.

Luor is to go around and it faintly echoes my earlier metaphor of political wilderness and by extension Moses, the exodus and the children of Jacob. However, it is an action of movement towards a goal or objective. The Luo nation whom I now address myself to must define their destination and will to overcome. Real power is to conquer oneself.



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