miss minor miss

Somebody has it out for you when your women keep dying on you and violently at that. It even sounds wrong- the black widower! The person must hate you so much that the idea of a little you is despicable. You know that word reminds you of an animation.

I’ll get straight to it; the police did it. The Kenya police.

Starting from the obvious; who shoots everybody but the person they are targeting? Stray bullets anybody? Who is that wasteful with ‘resources’? Hint- the government of Kenya owns a bullet factory. The hit also follows a template used on other religious leaders: Aboud Rogo and ‘Makaburi’ just to mention two.

Robert Ouko jumped off a plane breaking his legs but survived to soak in diesel and light himself up then finally found a loaded gun … (no, he shot himself then jumped) and it was Got Alila the mountain of God where Abraham took Isaac for a picnic. George Thuo was testing the first batch of ‘Sacramento’ and Mutula Kilonzo enjoyed his ‘country man’. George Saitoti was just high on cyanide. Beth Mugo’s and the president’s nephew was playing a bit role in the ‘The Siege of Westgate’ and that’s stage managed.

“Every time I try to get out, they pull me back in!”

I don’t know why this minor is so intriguing to me. There is definitely something about him. Look at a photo of him after he just escaped an assassination or any image in that case. He’s become important enough to be assassinated, ordinary people are just murdered or killed. There was a steep drop in decapitations upon his release from prison on illegal weapons charge. He was baptized into Christianity and he started a church. I remember the group flirted briefly with Islam. It took the convincing of Sheriff John Michuki’s , “all you’ll hear from now on is funeral announcements!” (… now that’s hard core. )

In Godfather III, the Don Michael Corleone decides to liquidate his holdings in the ‘sin’ business to go legitimate. He, a private citizen, is conferred one of the highest awards of the Catholic Church blessed by the pope. An aide tells a nosy journalist,” Cut the bullshit… the Holy Father himself has blessed …! Do you know better than the pope?” It ends badly for all involved and concerned. He is a terribly tragic figure, embracing his beloved daughter’s limp lifeless body. Subconsciously, I think I made this connections when I told my friend that I admired the minor.

His response was to call me a sadist and it just cracked me up though I said nothing in return. I later thought about it but have held it back ‘til now; I believe sadist is someone that voted for Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and his running mate William Samoei Ruto. Then to top up malice with Gideon ‘mike sonko’ Mbuvi and Rachel ‘manzi wa nai’ Shebesh. Two international crime suspects are allowed public office but a witness of Christ must be crucified?! The tyrant advisor opted minor’s organizational model in his consultancy for the National Youth Service.

When you pass your use-by-date you accept your fate. ‘You live by the gun you die by the gun’ is the perfect news backdrop. Minor the great is to die of loneliness. You know, the Russian Mob, if you wrong them, kills off all your known family and friends but then let you live, I heard. Even Chaka of the Zulus never desired an heir and the United States of America’s George Washington died childless. He’s in good company but should start writing a memoir. NOW!

… and a final will and testament


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