‘kenyan’… you identify with someone who can never identify with you. stockholm syndrome is overwhelming you need to overcome. so your name makes me your enemy. Any divergent views to your beliefs and ‘your people’ is a challenge to be met with violence and answered by death as a quick-fix solution bandied about. Lest we forget we all die but we don’t all live.

The trouble with ownership and possession. The case of the ‘house-nigger’s’ concern for the masters welfare. ‘master are we sick’? it’s okay… am a conservative too when it’s going my way. Don’t rock my boat. I could hate you too but I understand your ‘situation’. I have no desire to have your pity or patronage neither spell out the merits of equal opportunity or the bogey-word justice. That’s history… but there are those who are doomed to repeat it. Fear is in the service of poverty and ignorance exalts it. Re-education is necessary.

A change of the national lullaby and the name of the parcel number 254 to a more ‘all inclusive’ one. It could give people a psychological … something positive. (Subject to … I don’t know). What however I need … is empowerment. An economic empowerment I dare venture is what we all need.

I like my peace of cake. Things are not right true but we get used. I don’t know if that’s bad but its better than teargas. Just don’t foam at the mouth over raila and strain your voice box for muigai my guy. Nothing new. different sides same coin. Gas cylinders by raila, milk by ouru and that’s how you have tea by statehouse. I just want beats by Dre… And a new day



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