club monopoly

Thin pouting painted lips with a hint of a moustache releases,” are you aluo?” Head jerking, twisting and swiveling stops to focus a stare, “You are not scared!” Quite a character. A hand appears to brush thin long strands off a face.

I proceed to find a seat and I am at an open-air pressured water car wash. A man is whispering to me conspiratorially,”it is on record that this city is the third largest contributor to the national GDP… who controls this economy?” I am in a moving car and in an industrial section each warehouse coming up in view has the same name and it troubles me after a time. There is a statue in the middle of the road.

“I have only one secret…”

“… my body count!”, and she laughs hysterically.

There is a map on one table, blue is the prominent colour. Scanning the room the buzz of conversation is muted wherever I gaze.

“It’s a caucus”.

“it’s a circus!”.

“it’s a game, actually!”

“Monopoly. You have to control the instruments of finance. For your kind it will be imperative they quit subsistence on titular employment. However it’s not necessary as you will learn observing that man with frameless gold eye glasses. A few will do. He acts like a big brother and makes them think he has their interests at heart. That is how he gets them to validate his royalty. Act. First you need muscle. Most important thing is family, honesty, hard work…

The illusion is that the tables seem similar and accessible. In truth the man or the one in the winner’s round table occupies the centre of the floor. They can easily move about the room and even go through the kitchen. Those in the kitchen and everywhere else can’t get to the round table at will. The other tables aren’t round notice.

In their hands is the blueprint of the house and rules of engagement for everyone else. They have long term plans and if you happen to fit the bill you may take up a seat next to not with. It’s always the same people in that circle, I’ve been around for a long time and I don’t know how good your history is

Once in a while an outlier comes along and before you can save the world you are put in a position to save yourself. There is a beam running from that table to the foundations of the earth. There must be people of a certain weight seated there otherwise the imbalance would be catastrophic so it is said. I think there is a way around that I saw it in a vision. I need someone crazy enough to make it his mission!”

Thin pouting unevenly painted lips with a hint of a moustache,” are you aluo?” my head shook slowly. A hand appears to brush thin long plastic strands affixed to the head. The other hand goes through the same motion but notice these finger nails are short and without paint.


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