power mechanics

Power mechanics simply put is the understanding of parts and their functions in the makings of motion. It is calculated precisely and the machine as a whole can be evaluated and its performance predicted. It is my view of people and power; those with and those without. It is a system. Stripped of euphemisms and patronizing politeness it is the animal kingdom/ farm food chain and life cycle. Wajinga ndio waliwao = fools die/ are eaten and this is the divine design! The men and mice; the sheep and the lion; where you lie and your awareness of your position is pertinent to your survival or dominance. Do you run with the herd or the pride?

See, you are what you are in this world, that’s either one of two things: Either you’re somebody … or you’re nobody. frank lucas. American gangster. You must know where you belong. Certain incidences in your life should have settled the dust as pertains your identity. Do you follow the wind or does the wind follow you?

I know my environment and am not proud of it. Ensconced in an enclosure shuffling about not knowing what’s coming is fraying my nerves, the wave of bleating crashing around my ears is adding to my disease.

Take God. He speaks through a chosen few i.e anointed and other self appointed people. We could learn something from the most powerful being. Everything known and unknown is attributed to the all encompassing God. God wants our love, this being a good idea, because there will be hell to pay! It is left as a matter of choice to surrender your free will. I don’t know about coercion but it’s the cliché for your own good

I convinced myself I wouldn’t succumb to being a sheep not even ‘kondoo wa mungu’. Shepherds/ ‘wachungaji are not beneath ignoring the law of the jungle ‘everyone for himself and God for us all’. Its ‘eat or be ate’. I do not hate the player neither do I hit the player, I buy the game. It’s that emperor state of mind! The world and everything in it … and the world is not enough!

God does not explain himself instead worshippers charge themselves with proving God’s existence and magnificence.


___ interrupted thought


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