the enemy within

“Do not interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake” someone said that

So this goes to Kenya president’s supporters, advisors, handlers, sycophants … you’re welcome! Sort out the mess we’re in instead of taking offence at raia wanalia ju ya kuumia. The strategy ya making the victim the criminal na the very successful campaign za 2013 of foreigners foreigners

Respect the verdict of the court the people… an institution in its own right. You are charged with negligence. The evidence; security is my responsibility. Agreed. Give you a break Ngunyi Mutahi says managing the country is like herding cats. You are trying he says. Okay

You were elected I want to believe despite the chicken allegations wafting to my nostrils like I smell a roost. I was saying, I want to believe you were elected … NOT to TRRRRRY to HERD CATS… thin or fat notwithstanding. Try… try???… try!!?… AHH… did you see that? Cats, Chicken … and Boniface Mwangi’s Pigs… That would make for an animal kingdom no, animal farm? Yes, heeeee’s baaaaack… be afraid… be verrrry afraid, or not; you could rejoice at free entertainment and … (sorry, bonnie) another scapegoat. Apparently, he’s not a team player in ‘one-of-our-own’… they call that black sheep. Enough of that there


So who is my neighbor? Someone asked the good teacher… who is your enemy? I’ll ask our good jubilee

But we know: FOREIGNERS! FOREIGNERS!… (and the devil!! *whisper* and raila!. )

That’s how us guys won. Forget that’s how we got caught


Could the mistake be blaming a mother for her child’s rape? Not when you stand accused/ suspected of forcible transfer/displacement of population… murder… rapes. What is civil in society that makes it wrong? Who still thinks I harbor my president ill will? Call me to State House for a selfie and handsome handout maybe… but, tweet me Mr. President, meet me! Greet me for my service to my country… how about it

“I am your best friend, you just don’t know it yet!” someone else said that


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