he greatest threat to democracy is poverty;
and ignorance is a poverty of intelligence
and sickness is a poverty of health
and corruption is a poverty of integrity

you people calling yourselves kenyans need a better class of politicians.
if you were empowered even economically maybe that you would rise over the din of a grumbling stomach and be better able to articulate your aspirations for yourself your offspring your kin and your neighbour.

they say at fifty kenya is a young democracy and i add thats why you are easily distracted by shiny objects and colourful displays. most probably you are in early adolescence and entertainment is prominent in your priority. a wise woman always asked errant members of the public a question that i now put to you,”who is your mother?”

i am feminist. tell me what, for all your ‘fathers of the nation’ this is what you turn out to be…

pity a fool but not the mad

here, i pay my due;


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