islam salaam

The Muslims have to work very hard. The burden of proof is with them to evidence the character of Islam. I have looked at history and our existence has been enriched by Muslim philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, artists, writers, and architects. I watched as ISIS bombed an ancient site in Iraq to dust after vandalising it. You have witnessed the attacks on Garissa university and the explanations it fronts corrupted western ideas. The boy that lead the massacre was a law student at one of the country’s better institutions of learning. His supervisor or the master mind was once a teacher… still is.

It is always the young that die to get to glory. The old have no hurry. The political leaders are now on an unprecedented touring circuit talking to the locals. It is quite a good show more is demanded. Bring the greeting ‘salaam aleikum’ to life as should your brothers ‘shalom’. We cannot forget what the crusaders did in jerusalem try as we might


Kaffir, Gentile, Jew, Muslim, Christian, Hindu…

Bombs speak louder than words

Guns flower when bullets bud.


There have been ‘mysterious’ deaths of radical imams and takeover of the masjid musa mosque. You cannot arrest an idea but you can engage it in the battlefield it marches through. Education brings refinement. Chaos and violence thrives in ignorance. Bad things happen because the good people’s complicit indifference.
Placards condemning al-shabab, donating blood to victims of fanaticism, holding rallies and what not are commendable. However, courage is demanded. The allure of the gun over the pen, blood over ink, war over peace must be dissected and an alternative offered. These youth in their minds believe they are freedom fighters calling home. History records the shifta war. Somewhere to belong

Praying five times a day is not as easy as a lie told often enough becoming the truth to a receptive mind. The christian’s say, in the beginning was the word and the word was God! The power of life and death is in the tongue. In the end it is all a choice of the voice islam will slam. The carnage is done in your name as a signatory by the adherence to the faith: ‘There is no God but Allah and Muhammed is His Prophet’


I would like to know what the Koran makes of maligning of Islam by a brother. How many translations are there?


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