embarass yourself

I am disappointed… sorry. I feel embarrassed for the president of Kenya. The title of Commander in chief is getting to him. With trepidation I have heard issued executive orders from the pulpit of the head of state. I have thought the flirtations with the military ‘swag’ as dangerous and not an innocent ‘double tap’.

The man the president hopes to fashion his image after is the POTUS. The last man to don the military uniform and occupy the seat of president I think was George Washington, I could be wrong. Anyway, it is the commander in chief… OF THE ARMED FORCES! We have to turn the population into soldiers to be able to execute and get used to the command structures. What a sight it would be to have that son of K’ogelo in full military gear, ceremonial or whatever.

We collectively held our faces in our hands after the Mpeketoni attacks found that your utterances were off. Pointing fingers is rude especially if you are wrong or the fingers are crooked. Where is the respect you deserve when you are made to be but a dressed up crown… maybe I’ve shrubbed there. Who’s my mother – right? They are saying you are a jolly good fellow but your leadership is folly. It pains me when they call you ‘muthamaki’… your highness, but I protest that it’s just the colour of your eyes. Honest

We love a ‘cool’ digital prezzy but you could cut down on the selfies. Some claim that billy is a liability maybe they just don’t like him. Hope you got the 30,000 acre Taita Taveta land lease renewed the people were distracted.

I’ve always told them how smart you are. Always a step ahead of opposition; It was demonstrated when you took the initiative away from them in the PAC saga that was threatening to spill out of hand. Your state of the nation address was genius. Someone must have remembered a junior senator’s lecture. Terrorists have the worst timing. The police recruitment’s alleged corruption… nonsense

Kids say the darnest things, ‘the emperor is naked!’

The imperial president, your father… and of the nation had his fly whisk, the maendeleo president had a ‘rungu’, the pumbavu 1st class hons intellectual … a golf stick. You trump them all, you have the microphone. (billy has a maize cob… and a plot.. many plots your friends claim – watch him closely)

People need to cede to your authority. To give you more space to work and more time too since the contract stated that you have a five year probation. You are only the intern and all these problems are the result of indigestible nusu mkate of the coalition bakery. I mean, the other nusu mkate… no no no… not that this is a nusu mkate come on… I am being misquoted. Yes, you see, there is a full nusu mkate now with the new surprise party we are having, BOYD and it is invite only!

Now, we hang in there step nowhere that’s the first step. We will win even if we don’t overcome


3 thoughts on “embarass yourself

  1. “What a sight it would be to have that son of K’ogelo in full military gear, ceremonial or whatever.” He saluted a soldier and the american press went haywire, talking about how he has no business impersonating a soldier.

    Here, on the other hand, we ooooh and aaaah… And take a selfie.

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