rainbow (machete & arrows) nation

Blood is not a beautiful sight for all its poetic qualities. Like birth… and the extraction of a tooth, ouch!

When you see the rainbow *clap *clap

When you see the rainbow …

Remember God is Love…


As Kenyans we would smugly comment; at least we only kill each other! President Robert Mugabe ridiculed the misdirected anger of a (portion of the) nation. Things it seems are going south, and the Africans are fed up. Actually, some say it is because they are hungry. We all know what they say about a hungry man.

Other Africans are taking their jobs… and their women. Someone said that if a foreigner takes your job in your country than you ain’t sh*. Women love winners and maybe that covers that. You need not complain of something that wasn’t yours to start with, but we get the point.

The affirmative action could be the issue, or is it? There are quotas to be filled. The black have their portion, the white, yellow, red… and every other colour. It is a rainbow after all. It is raining blood sadly. Every colour has its place.

Patience is a virtue. Freedom is coming tomorrow. Keep singing and dancing and chanting. The pot of gold is a myth or the foreigners made away with it. There were arrows at the end of the bow and they quiver through the air

Nkosi sikeleli afrika

It’s a long walk to free doom on ubuntu. Yes, It won’t put food on my table! Man-eat-man; is human flesh sweet, foreign meat? The freedom babies are past their teen age and full of rage. Jo’burg is a murder capital and robbery with violence is at a premium free-to-air.

Somebody never told them what it means; there is nothing for free. Nobody can save you not DStv not ANC. Take your heads out of the skies and your eyes off the rainbow this is not 1994 this is no Sarafina song. Need I remind you Tata is gone.

When you see the rainbow *clap *clap

When you see the rainbow …

Ask yourselves where did the rain start beating you? Dry yourself, you could catch a cold or pneumonia.

Blame God, blame the world and after you’re done, wake up and get to work!

Yes, it is everyone’s fault but my own that we can’t deliver on the job. It’s the opposition, foreigners, the media, burning mattresses, history, travel advisories, communities, parents, governors, teachers, civil servants, your responsibility, judiciary etc. Someone needs a hug limping about how the world is unfair. How unfortunate someone’s-going-to-have-to-cry-in-church-again.


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