I sit up on feeling the presence next to me. Coiled around my waist in bed. The cool touch of the sheets. Made a sudden movement for my collar and pulled me in. eager teeth sunk into my breast promising a kiss. A tall man both known to us stops by the door. I attempt to draw attention towards this man drying his head. Nonchalant in underpants he just watches and I watch him.

A famous man eats alone absentminded in a simple café. My cousin is seated in that same hotel toying with chips on his own plate.


She used to call me

Soul soother

She carried a shooter

I stared back at her

from the debris, splinters

in my hands, flowers

partly burnt


She used to call me

Soul soother

Years ago

Two lifetimes or more


living forwards

looking backwards

neck hurts


laugh at that.


My aunt is back. It is time to leave. We must have done some wrong or it’s just a time to start. Time to move. So we pack. I don’t know where the rest disappeared to so fast. Schooling and learning.


She’s got everything

She needs

I think

Everything she wants


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