five years a slave

Yes … uLiza


You were torn between?

You and him


Why him?

Why not me?


You didn’t ask



So are u happy?

I’m alone.


Are you happy?

Sometimes No


Why didn’t u tell me 5 yrs ago?

You should’ve told me something…

Given me some hope…

That’s what you didn’t give me


That’s done. Now,

What would you want

To receive from me?


Just you…

I’m here…



Just ask…

What is it you want from me…


Just you..

Words, mine… yours?

Yours & Mine

What would you want us to be?


You & Me.



Just you…

Only you …


‘we never truly belong to

ourselves wholly’ do we?

You’ve screwed up my life

I’m drunk


You ruined other women for me,

What you do to me?


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