I have never been accused of genius; possessing or possesed. I’ll admit to bias because I need you to have an honest word on my … situation? Condition? Affliction?.. be the police, judge and executioner. I have been complimented or ridiculed on flattering… these people. Talking about imitation. Whoever knows what it means to be these people

The wine bar in darkness losens the tongue and strangers engage in ethanol inspired intellectual discourse and social commentary. I have my non-alcoholic cocktail house special beverage …ya ya ya.. whatever. The zero suffix to the price alarms. The silent guest at every meal – that’s me- like a good christ-ian. I’ll try to remember the strings of conversation and proclamation like:

“Collectively, they are idiots. I’m from there but I have to say that”

The lady to my right smiles. She long ago decided that she wouldn’t start a family with any of the people from there. She kept her vow,“Two people who love themselves too much couldn’t have worked out well.”

“They claim that they do not beg, yet they have nothing! full of their mockery little do they notice the mockery in the actions of others towards their ridiculousness.”

About that, ridiculousness I mean. It is only last month I was introduced to the noun ‘step-grandmother’ – imagine my shock! What next, I thought,”stairs- , ladder-. Well, these people would insist on ‘escalator -’ if you were to be so insistently obstinate on being factual “. Back to our politely inebriated panelists.

“They call their town a city. What city? Their neighbours have already surpassed them! Nobody wants to invest there after what happened. Their unapologetic riotousness is costing them investors. Let them just sit there basking in the tag ‘city’. That’s my home town”

“Always complaining and disturbing the peace” .

We have enough troubles of our own crying how wronged you have been is enough of a nuisance. We heard you the last 50 years or so. What so deserving have you done but ride on the coattails of your more successful kinsmen. Nonsense. The louder they are the less we hear plugging our ears… blah.. blah.. blah.. baa…baa… black sheep…

So I asked one of the panelists what she has done so far about and for her people. She remained silent and I asked her to have a little faith. Turning to the man to my right I asked that he give us the numbers of the contribution of this so called city to the country’s GDP. He agreed to call someone and the discussion died perhaps unfortunately or prematurely.

My father recently told me these people need to love each other. He has told me that often and in different ways. Though he contends that these peoples dark cloud has a silver lining; We fall back to the stereotype of their supposed intellectual superiority and steadfast technical quality assurance in whichever endeavor they undertake. He asks himself why it is that they are so stellar out there and not in their home environment.

You have to lose yourself to find yourself. Definitions of you that you try to live up to and the interpretations that keep you tethered to fulfilling another’s analysis of what you are or should be. Maybe they should disappear themselves and keep the rest of us comfortable. Too loud. Brilliance Pride showboat arrogance humility laziness … lets dam this stream

You are a reporter at a construction site interviewing the staff. You approach two men, one hunched over a wheelbarrow as the other heaves and sighs between spade fulls:

‘Hello, please introduce yourself to our viewers’

‘My name is – a b c – I am a handy man around here’

‘…And you sir?’

‘My name is- engineer x y z’

‘Mr. a b c, do tell us of your educational background’

‘My schooling ended at class 8’

‘…And you Mr…’

‘Engineer… engineer x y z’


‘I am an elementary school graduate’


That’s the cue to shake your head and NKT. Maybe you could smile or LOL or Share, meme, troll, and ROF. The scholarly ones would make a summary psychological profile suggest counseling. An in depth political analysis complete with a historical contextualization. Like I said typed ‘I have never been accused of genius’…


There is this story about a Chameleone taking an early morning stroll on the highest of branches. Enjoying the view and minding its business soaking in the sun and the fun all around it. Along came a scare in the form of talons from the sky swoosh! The Chameleone out of its wits screamed covering its eyes. What do you know but it was soon hurtling towards the ground, trying to swallow its heart. Imminent demise awaits – goodbye tree, good bye world. Then it was dark.

‘Am I dead? If I am dead then who am I talking to… ‘

‘Why is it so dark? Am I in hell? Eternal darkness… ‘

‘What’s that sound of quick drumming? So loud… slowing down’

‘Haiya! That’s my heart beat… there’s a light too’

‘Aha hahaha!! … it is my eyes opening!! Yaay!!..’


Picture the Chameleone’s eyes turning around and round in opposite directions – nobody saw this? No, applause?… No pat on my scaly back? No matter, the little fellow nods to himself that’s quite a story to tell. Even today you can watch the Chameleone walk with a little swag in its two step and when it takes a pause it nods to itself like ‘Ahaa!! Mmm hmm!! Yes!!’

Maybe it explains why they move so slowly or relatively don’t move at all. Am talking about the Chameleone but you may think it’s about those people. I once had a pet chemeleone just so you know… though it has nothing to do with all these words on this page. You could draw whatever conclusions from the story but that is yours.

Blow your own trumpet no one will blow it for you. Just don’t blow it in my ear! Right? Blowing your trumpet doesn’t stop another from blowing on theirs. Understand the score and make it musical. Trumpets are so damn loud!…


Let’s get Luod!!


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