” everyday i wake up to more bull shit ” – jay z , heart of the city (ain’t no love)

today i walked past an exhibition near the tom mboya statue. the theme was chronicling courage through kenya’s independence in the face of white colonialists and then the black colonialists. todays headline of a daily newspaper had on it kenya’s eurobond billions hidden in a secret account. a night or so earlier i watched as vimal shah (ceo bidco ltd , chairman kepsa) and karithi murithi (ceo jmg strategy innovations ltd) call the kenyan concern over the state of their ‘broke government’ reports ‘crisis of confidence’ and ‘noise’ respectively.

as i walked away from the exhibition, watching my step i reflected on that latter statement critically. i mused as i turned it around… ‘murmurs of despairing discontent to roars of disgust’. i’ll insert some book titles here –

“confession of an economist: writing to impress rather than inform” robert hakes.

“how to lie with statistics ” darrel huff

i listened to the eminent personalities projecting into my parents living room and came out not impressed or informed. maybe a little piqued (just a little) and amused. darrel huff’s title lit up in neon as i listened to the tussle between cord and jubilee on the matter of the governments economic ‘performance’ (maybe that word fits with a friends dismissive, ‘ i’m tired of these clowns!’). vimal shah was shown a picture of a headline ‘is kenya africa’s greece?’ his answer was to the effect that that was a ‘cartoon’.  it’s okay… pay it no mind it’s charlie hebdo. they spoke ‘greek’ and the last thing i remember was an excited kariithi murimi signing off, ‘you can’t build your economy by shouting at it!’ … i looked about the deserted room and back to the screen questioningly,’… but, who’s shouting?’

honestly, i hoped the conversation would shift a little (just a little). to my text an atheist friend that politics has trumped economics, the response was that i am too idealistic! yet i believed to a small degree i was being optimistic. ha!

as i touched harambee avenue i debated on which was better between ‘man-eat-man’ or  ‘man-eat-dog’.

‘kenya has gone to the dogs’ –
‘a dog is a man’s best friend’ –

‘greater love has no one than this..’


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