a glance; nip/tuck

i don’t think it’s ‘hate speech’ when a man decides to talk about part of another man’s reproductive anatomy. a piece of skin. this fixation… could it be love speech? a piece of skin that affects reason?

i doubt its the last speech. and to think two heads are better than one… my-skin-my-choice demonstrations/ parade would be borne of the same lust speech. quite distasteful a follow up to the WHO warnings on processed meat and cancer. btw who’s the CS of health?

maybe its ‘free speech’ because the mind is not engaged or because you don’t have to pay for the carelessness of its employ.   it must be a very ‘happy’ man … or plain old english ‘gay’. otherwise…

surely, a black man can’t be racist, can he? early in U.S.A the narrative was that a black man was inferior on account of his skin… it’s colour that is. it explained his stupidity and childishness. they spoke of his libido and put him and her on exhibition. “look at that !” they would exclaim. now look at what we have on display the utterances hanging in the air needling at as needing us to approve of and discuss and laugh and clap.

is it not inferiority complex that today by getting rid of a piece of that skin the black man becomes endowed with intelligence, wit, charm, power, wealth, respect, a leader of men? … a surgical procedure away. besides the WHO encourages it for sexual health reasons of course.

if you have had this surgical procedure and are experiencing none of the afore-listed benefits.. it is patience you need. then it must be a great discovery which inadvertently reinforces the claims made in the jim crowe era. what is called racism taken from this perspective then isn’t such a bad thing. a piece of skin… just a piece of skin… only a man with love in his heart would advise you to be as good as he is and just to get the doubters.. it is in the bible!!

we are 80% christian nation and it is a practise of the muslim nation as well  …

… nimechoka ata kuandika. mjisort




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