state of the national imperial (paper) chase address

so, i remembered my history teacher in primary school alleging that kenya is a christian nation . ati 80% of it’s citizens profess this religion or way of life. now, i believe for we are a forgiving nation of second chances
our president and his deputy have led the nation by example down on their knees recognising the king of kings. (sielewi mbona bado the deputy is loudly and profusely still proclaiming innocence na kesi kwisha, the president ametulia). anyway, prayer rallies that have united the nation. from the date they were running mates to date. a round of thanksgiving prayer rallies are in order. early christians were jail birds.. paulo na sila… yes, join me please.. paulo na silaaa…. waliomba…


here is where you can blow your whistles… shangwes and vigelegeles
…….. placards and vuvuzelas are welcome….
yes, watu wa mungu!…. the message i have today for the chase bank customers is what we have been preaching all along, accept and move on! we legally (s)elected suspects to preside over the state. be good christians; forgive and forget. if you can’t forgive you must forget. forget your life savings and pray for the saving of the bank directors.
it takes me back to primary school mathematics; which is greater 10% of kes 700 or 10% of kes 7 B? i asked myself, you should also ask yourself ‘ what is the greater good?’ good christians tithe; and when they are governors and senators i am sure as you have seen they continue the good works

to further demonstrate our christianity, we must now find ways of accommodating the directors in public office. some have called it a gangsters paradise but they forget jesus barabbas. without him the prophecy and the promise of salvation would not have happened

i am calling on you to volunteer for prayer rallies for the bank suspects. we shall be asked i was in jail and you did not visit me… i was hungry you did not feed me… i was cold you did not clothe me…



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