democracy, ha!
it is safer and more fashionable to criticize, demonize, witness, ridicule, question, insult, hold accountable one Raila Amolo Odinga. Noted?
It is only him that can be ‘tolerated’ to talk about ‘our’ business. Well, the perception is that he can be ignored- as an ‘old bitter mad man’ resorting to theatrics.
No, not you Jacob Juma. what’s your problem?
‘i will never give up fighting corruption’
you are young(er), you are rich,
why wouldn’t you shut up
and leave alone the ‘politics’? eh?
‘i will NOT fear death and stay in the comfort zone’
you are (un)usual business man..
we are business-as-usual, man !!
‘God Bless Kenya’
*ten shots*
tweet heart !!
tweet that !!
*unknown gun one*
” hio iwe funzo kwako
na kwa wengine
kama wewe …
wenye tabia…
ama nia “
*unknown unknown*
“i’d rather (you) die…
*slowly blows smoke*
….than (I) resign !”
stay tuned
for more episodes on the continuing saga

.. series title unknown!



…stay tuned
for more episodes from the continuing saga ‘gangsters paradise’/ nairobi no-life/ unknown hit(wo)man/ hostage: kenya democracy.. haven’t settled on a name.


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