liel luor luo

… if he were to say it, it would have been :

“why always luo?”

i think that’s enough self pity… victim mentality.

there is this tongue twister ; rao luor liel, … liel luor rao.

hippopotamus go round the grave/ant hill, …grave/ ant hill go round the hippopotamus .


most know the ultimate supremo, village hero, paramount chieftain of the luo … (‘nation’?).we all have our respective war heroes… kenya is balkanised if i could misappropriate the term. so, his initials make for R.A.O. if he had to go around the grave and the grave go around him as the tongue twister sings; then you would be pardoned to ask why there are so many deaths of his (* pun ahead)…. “die hard” supporters. it is allowed. or…. why he has to be ‘funeral hopping’ …. tht’s politics for you in kenya at least.


a kid was shot in the back… playing in a field in Kisumu during recent anti-IEBC protests. well, it could be the police listened and acted on to one moses curious… “shoot more protestors” (the dailies screamed). the police promised lethal force.. they kept their word. but remember … the bible story; the boy david killed a philistine giant with a single stone. sling shot. the reply; was a gun shot… right back atcha. what did you expect ..I.D’s? nkt. call it stray bullet, collateral damage. or … ” shoot them before they grow” … (a la brenda fassie, bob marley lyrics) ….


maybe you should fear death… fear is a bad word; you should cultivate some self preservation. since we’re on to song lyrics… how about jay-z & pharrel’s ‘motivation’. :


“the world don’t like us is that not clear?” …. you have your identifier there, victim mentality, real or imagined. “alright but, i can’t base what i’m gon be offa what everybody isn’t” … you have Oscar’s, Grammy’s, POTUS, NFL, WWF… representative success.. but those are individual accolades and recognition. you don’t even believe in each other. when they mention workmanship, scholarship, sportsmanship, entertainment in this country who do they mention? but you restrict yourself  to the jay-z lyric ” all us blacks got is sports and entertainment…”, the title of the song’s apt – ‘can’t knock the hustle’. economically, you don’t matter… get this; ” money, power, respect” … “c.r.e.a.m – cash.rules. – get the money!”.


it is you they mention. but what have you done for yourself lately? who banks your money? , who employs you? who would you rather not work for? … how do you maintain the finer things of life you associate with?  you may be inclined to show(off) business… but show me your business. … you are not into forming cooperative society … not literally nor figuratively… or are you?


“(s)he who controls the issuance of money controls the government”, nathan rothschild 1777- 1836.


back to jay-z’ & pharell’s ‘motivation’; “the motivation for me is them telling me what i couldn’t be..”. you’ve heard it so long, (it must be true ?) . you people should never ascend to power… you shall ‘urinate on people!’. you’ve heard rumours of some people who took an oath to do everything in their power to make sure this abomination… (courtesy of afro sinema) should never happened.


you yourselves have among you those who have predicted that this shall be the sign…. if not the signal of the end of times. the world shall end. the sky shall fall… it is called a ‘luo presidency’. ‘luo presidency’ like it is not just one person, … but some four million or so (the census has been sat on somewhere by someone, the number is an estimation … or guess work) presidents. it could be you want it but then again, give  it some though and it doesn’t wash down with your… champagne , guinness, tusker, wine… (i dont know the drinks of your middle class people) . yes, middle class. someone else will explain the how and the why it is like i claim.. allege. just think it over…


“…oh well”


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