baba black sheep


black sheep..

do you have any votes

yes sir no sir

three strongholds


one from luo nyanza

one for the coast

another for the little western

that’s gone to jubilee.



first law of thermodynamics/ law of conservation of energy.

energy can neither be created nor destroyed ; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another


in kenya, as former vice president kijana wamalwa stated ; there are two political camps i) raila phobia ii) raila mania. the political groupings in kenya orbit around the son of the first vice-president of kenya… and founding father of kenya’s post independence opposition.

now that his time is done and maybe his political obituary and/or glowing eulogies ;

“my name is Ozymandias, king of kings

look on my works, ye mighty, and despair”


last week two days apart, two ladies, on two separate occassions out of the blue say to me passionately, “Raila will never be president!…” (and more i won’t elaborate on).  the ladies share a mother tongue with the president and deputy president of kenya respectively. the thing that got to me was that i would rather it were males. i would prefer … it were a man passed out drunk in a ditch, incoherently slurring wearing a top caked by dried vomit, a fresh patch of urine on their trousers and one shoe missing. that’s just me. i didn’t know whether to apologise for whatever sin the evil man raila did to them or dink into my repertoire  of raila/ luo bashing.  i’m sure he deserves it… he can handle it


i doubt any other (wo)man inspires as much emotion in kenya. the question then is where will Kenyans (citizens/residents of the country kenya) take all this energy or to whom will it be transferred or how. now that raila is on self destruct mode a la 2 pac ‘me against the world’ , ‘f* friends’ . it always however translates to… a luo something or another.


a change is gon come. maybe it’s time another person gets to be a scape goat… baba’s a black sheep… and old. but if you are really an underdog champion… here’s your chance. ha ha


batman vs the joker




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