william ruto; raila odinga’s heir apparent.
maybe the former might not yet know this … yet. well, but neither do i.
rutophobia shall not have a destructive effect on its intended target’s tribesmates as has ‘government’ sponsored railaphobia. i guess. on account of the cultivation of alternatives to his (ruto’s) chieftainship. the astute politician that he is could have an inkling of this and pre-emptive strikes may have been instituted to ward off any pretenders to his chieftainship. the success of his shock and awe camapign i do not know.
but i can listen to k’naan
” Here’s the 5 steps
In hopes to explain it
Its me and my nation against the world
Then me and my clan against the nation
Then me and my fam’ against the clan
Then me and my brother we no hesitation
Go against the fam’ until they cave in
Now who’s left in this deadly equation?
That’s right, it’s me against my brother
Then we point a kalashnikov
And kill one another”
raila’s people may welcome this with demonstrations in support of the ” spread the hate” ” spread the fear” assault. understandably its a temporary reprieve from the loneliness . a substitute whipping boy/tribe.
on preemptive strikes: raila has been ruthless in silencing any ‘alternative voice’ not singing ‘baba… black sheep!!’. .. its a wonder how baba the black sheep morphed into ‘baba’s black sheep’. its even worse that baba’s tribemates became the black sheep.
talking of sheep i get that john 1:29 …
what was the sin?
who sinned?….and against whom?


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