democratic monarchy republic

the construct called the republic of kenya espouses democracy. citizens get to choose between competing dynasties and wannabe nobility.


that sense of belonging in policy arguments and the definition of politics in kenya to ethnic supremacy battles. the question of declaration of support to an English Premier League club. Our team beat your team. language you would imagine best suited to Roman Abrahamovic.. chelsea fc – MY team!  and with the betting craze they put their money where their hearts are.


defend the kingship – (whose?) – our kin(g)ship.


cut down a he-goat

stab it severely

burn it whole


curse s.k . macharia.

curse his business

curse his generation


for betraying his community


maybe an equivalent of excommunication or exile from the tribe would make the curse more potent. and maybe another tribe would welcome him with song and dance and a he-goat slaughtering to bless out the curses uttered. i know a few communities whose collective average wealth would shoot up substantially.


i wish david ndii, boniface mwangi, john githongo, maina kiai were billionaires… (don’t look a gift horse in the mouth) at least i don’t have to defend our kingship’s mishaps and missteps along with all my kin as vociferously as i otherwise would be forced to.


the republic of kenya’s citizens are subjects that never learn their lessons.


bless their ignorance

bless their poverty


for we are together

defending the kin(g)ship

vote for me


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