what’s this ?

it sounded like a good idea to have a blog. an idea planted by a friend and it didn’t help that its a girl. my cousin. now am stuck on how to blog.

i cobble together words they call poetry. in this i hide myself, my thoughts and feelings.i did this for my ego but i wont admit.


this is therefore a journey of self discovery. journey with me.

please ?


9 thoughts on “what’s this ?

  1. Only found your blog last week, via a completely random suggestion on my reader, and I’m glad I did, because this is a very good idea (many thanks to your cousin). You sir are brilliant, bloody, bloody brilliant!

    I will now stop hitting ‘like’ on every other post, must curb my enthusiasm and act cool, lest you think me groupie…

    1. šŸ™‚

      am at a loss for words. thanks for your time. na kind words pia.

      you comment on ‘ what’s this?’ na blog yako ni ‘ kai nikii?’ interesting. readin, smiling & laughing and getting cyber clients uneasy. fellow eyes me now i have the whole table to myself.

      still, one good turn deserves another i’ll randomly suggest her to you. saw the name alex… but ‘groupie’ threw me off… hio ni story ingine; gender, sexuality….

      i’ll be understated – i like your work.
      jah bless.

      1. You are too kind sir. Thank you. Now that I’ve formally introduced myself, I shall now continue to stalk these lovely pages (consider yourself warned…ha!)…

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