and time.
life says,
“make it!”
and pain.
life says,
“make it –
rhyme !”
pleasure ni;
“Jodo, nini hizi!! kilami!!”
pain is:
life says, …
“make it . rhyme!”
hapana, “kwaheri !!”
hapa ni,”Baadae.n !!”
* salute

state of the national imperial (paper) chase address

so, i remembered my history teacher in primary school alleging that kenya is a christian nation . ati 80% of it’s citizens profess this religion or way of life. now, i believe for we are a forgiving nation of second chances
our president and his deputy have led the nation by example down on their knees recognising the king of kings. (sielewi mbona bado the deputy is loudly and profusely still proclaiming innocence na kesi kwisha, the president ametulia). anyway, prayer rallies that have united the nation. from the date they were running mates to date. a round of thanksgiving prayer rallies are in order. early christians were jail birds.. paulo na sila… yes, join me please.. paulo na silaaa…. waliomba…


here is where you can blow your whistles… shangwes and vigelegeles
…….. placards and vuvuzelas are welcome….
yes, watu wa mungu!…. the message i have today for the chase bank customers is what we have been preaching all along, accept and move on! we legally (s)elected suspects to preside over the state. be good christians; forgive and forget. if you can’t forgive you must forget. forget your life savings and pray for the saving of the bank directors.
it takes me back to primary school mathematics; which is greater 10% of kes 700 or 10% of kes 7 B? i asked myself, you should also ask yourself ‘ what is the greater good?’ good christians tithe; and when they are governors and senators i am sure as you have seen they continue the good works

to further demonstrate our christianity, we must now find ways of accommodating the directors in public office. some have called it a gangsters paradise but they forget jesus barabbas. without him the prophecy and the promise of salvation would not have happened

i am calling on you to volunteer for prayer rallies for the bank suspects. we shall be asked i was in jail and you did not visit me… i was hungry you did not feed me… i was cold you did not clothe me…


there are no kenyans living in kenya

… there are
no kenyans
living in kenya
they live
in hashtag
question’s disturb the peace
no politics allowed
but all aspire to be
politicians, *whisper* secretly
why steal
when you can loot?
then you can shoot;
mob justice –
you hit me
we hit you?
.. there are
no kenyans
living in kenya
they headline
athletics news
money transfers
that would rather die than resign
there are no kenyans living
in kenya; a foreign country’s
pay-as-you-vote reality t.v

the enemy within

“Do not interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake” someone said that

So this goes to Kenya president’s supporters, advisors, handlers, sycophants … you’re welcome! Sort out the mess we’re in instead of taking offence at raia wanalia ju ya kuumia. The strategy ya making the victim the criminal na the very successful campaign za 2013 of foreigners foreigners

Respect the verdict of the court the people… an institution in its own right. You are charged with negligence. The evidence; security is my responsibility. Agreed. Give you a break Ngunyi Mutahi says managing the country is like herding cats. You are trying he says. Okay

You were elected I want to believe despite the chicken allegations wafting to my nostrils like I smell a roost. I was saying, I want to believe you were elected … NOT to TRRRRRY to HERD CATS… thin or fat notwithstanding. Try… try???… try!!?… AHH… did you see that? Cats, Chicken … and Boniface Mwangi’s Pigs… That would make for an animal kingdom no, animal farm? Yes, heeeee’s baaaaack… be afraid… be verrrry afraid, or not; you could rejoice at free entertainment and … (sorry, bonnie) another scapegoat. Apparently, he’s not a team player in ‘one-of-our-own’… they call that black sheep. Enough of that there


So who is my neighbor? Someone asked the good teacher… who is your enemy? I’ll ask our good jubilee

But we know: FOREIGNERS! FOREIGNERS!… (and the devil!! *whisper* and raila!. )

That’s how us guys won. Forget that’s how we got caught


Could the mistake be blaming a mother for her child’s rape? Not when you stand accused/ suspected of forcible transfer/displacement of population… murder… rapes. What is civil in society that makes it wrong? Who still thinks I harbor my president ill will? Call me to State House for a selfie and handsome handout maybe… but, tweet me Mr. President, meet me! Greet me for my service to my country… how about it

“I am your best friend, you just don’t know it yet!” someone else said that

new world

“That down there in the heavy darkness and flashing lights is ‘club monopoly’. If you take a few steps in its direction it swallows you whole sort of like a black hole. It is then you will encounter the addiction ecstasy. In altered consciousness and zero-gravity your fiducial propriety is affected as you begin to experience morning-after.

You are getting warmer and your heartbeat is peaking. The round table is the real club monopoly and we will get you in and on it. No, we’ll have them come to you. You don’t have to know why we would do this but it’s the how that will start us off. Occupants of the seats of the high table form an interconnected self perpetuating web to prey. They select the music to be played through their company mass media.”

Reader, digest this Bible story. It follows the river Nile and it is about a basket that floated on it carrying a baby Moses. Later he grew into a man who stammered but led a stubborn people out of the cruel servitude of a great emperor. Remember the stick, I hope you draw parallels in the desert wanderings and the trials of this great leader that never got to reach the land he set out for. There were led into the new hope by a protégé of Moses and they had to fight for the validity of their dreams. During their desert meanderings the people grew restless, discouraged, hungry, angry and there were those who tried to capitalize on this to a swift terrible end. The young man in our preceding and proceeding tale is among the spies who will be sent ahead to map out the promise.

“Once you are established you are required to make contact with our people around the great blue slob on that paper I saw you stare at in points that will be marked for you. Also, the regions to the north and greater far west are of particular interest, you are a smart fellow you’ll know how to go about it.”

There is contempt in possession a god-feeling in the control of persons’ lives and livelihood, in monopoly there is the arrogance of power. We need checks and balances carried by institutions that will have the faith of the masses. Consciousness is haunting when you wake up in the middle of a morgue. It is rumoured the attendants take your waking up badly. Yes, they are inclined to put you to sleep. Beside chloroform there is conform. As there is inform, reform and transform.

“Keep the mission foremost on your mind even when you forget the vision; which is expected anyway. Build your network from this moment on. Many have come through here but lost their way through this maze. Keep your eyes on the prize. Good luck. Oh, and that network… spread your wings and fly everyone and everything is important even the rejected stones. Education brings refinement. The lights will go off and you won’t be here… Don’t try to find us. You’ve seen the blueprint, get to work. Hehe ‘go ye’!… Now, the last thing you’ll remember is me patting your back like this”_____

Thin lips, thick braids. Cracked fingernails chipped paint. Stern face, old eyes. Face sinks for cover into the palms and the body jerks about bent over – laughing. Bewildered, nervously smiling, “what’s so funny? What is the joke?” Just as suddenly as an audio tape winds to a stop in a recorder the mood is gone like the ‘90’s. Time travel. Chair creaks as a stony face turns deliberately to face mine… then away. “Are you aluo?”

“Am I the joke?”