hello …



Hand holding a reluctant hers crossing a bridge over a river of muck.

In the dark.

All that mattered then to him was the moment leading up to the moment.


Into her eyes

That does


“You are shy..”

“You are looking into my soul.”


“Tell me …. inappropriate or not”

“You want to kiss me”




“So, what of it?”

“I like the thought of it


it’s the he act of it …”



“coz I don’t know if it will be a hello or a goodbye”


“Which would you prefer?”



“I’d like that too,

and then after?”

“…. Is this it?”


“And now?”

“Let’s be friends”

“Let us.”


Why is this Adele song … a sad song …

All this time playing on this dusty road

The worst thing they ever did was meet he thought.

Some dreams must never come to life. To ruin the fantasy.

My beautiful dark twisted fantasy.


Back here,

She had time and space

For affairs of the heart;

…. Could you be loved?








If I were true to myself

I’d be true to you


If I were true;


The stop signs

I would run through


Would include

“Married” &

“With kids”



Adultery_ paulo coehlo


2 exit 5

‘Tell me what you are sure of’

‘in time i’ll be on a highway’



Looking for an exit

On a steep slippery spiral

Afraid of what she won’t say


I sit later quiet beside, her

Alternately shutting, my

Eyes or looking outside


For an exit




Here we are now

Looking for an exit



Bound and gagged.


Shades of grey


‘I am done with you

… Like the gum I chew!


She claims I lie

I think she’s sly, but

Honest when she’s high


She’s cruel.

Am selfish.


We kill time;


She smiles

At me,




‘… Looking for what you can’t get’

‘What is it I can’t get?’






its just entertainment

net and trident


sweep him off his feet

finish him


‘it’s just entertainment

isnt that why you are here?’


call on me

in your off days


i’ll phrase in weird turns

trace a butterfly flight path…


ah, turn in for life

‘i coulda-been-a-contender’ …

stop. please.


you’re too clever

and i won’t break.