and time.
life says,
“make it!”
and pain.
life says,
“make it –
rhyme !”
pleasure ni;
“Jodo, nini hizi!! kilami!!”
pain is:
life says, …
“make it . rhyme!”
hapana, “kwaheri !!”
hapa ni,”Baadae.n !!”
* salute


Don’t jump the gun or be sure it harbours no bullets. Mornings when I set out of my room and open the gate into the world, it happens to me. A flash of the image of a gunman in wait as a shot greets my face propelling me through the air. In that instance I can see myself like in outer body experience of a three dimensional view frame frozen in the air. Caught in the chest by a force pushing me away from the gate my arms and legs follow torso. I don’t know if am still holding the keys or they remain dangling from the key hole. It matters little. The reel ends here.

That’s what too many movies do to you especially if you are empathetic of the ‘bad guy’. It’s the game; it speaks to me, “get out while you are still ahead!” It’s that you want your name; you want it to mean something to people but mostly to yourself. Actually, it’s your ego nudging you whispering in your ear and it sounds like roaring applause. It does things to people

Yeah, it’s too many movies with too many gangsters at that. Gangsters calling themselves business men; Businessmen cavorting with politicians; Politicians… the lines get blurry as to who is who. Who is who and most important; who gets what. That great teacher’s words sift through the sound proof walls and doors of the board rooms at the end of the thickly carpeted wall to wall corridors of power. ‘What does it gain a man to win the world but lose his soul?’

There is something saintly in wanting too little. There is something dangerous in wanting nothing. There is something sinful in wanting everything. Wanting nothing and wanting everything are both condemnable acts and wanting too little is not living. Nobody has the right answers

a defence

It is the reformer who is anxious for reform, not society, from which he should accept nothing better than opposition, abhorrence and even mortal persecution. Why may not society regard as retrogression what the reformer holds dear as life itself; – m.k Gandhi


Just came back from my home county. I’ve come to the conclusion that they have selected to remain stagnant. It is in their minds as evident in their lives. The darkness of ignorance rears its head in fear. Religion is opium.


It takes a man of change to have courage. There is an analogy of poverty and the force or pull of gravity. To defy gravity an escape velocity of 11 kms-1 is required. Physics 101 states that a body with mass has its own force of attraction and as the analogy goes the poor is quite a large mass comparable to any individual that sets out.

The more the merrier gives a false sense of security and belonging. Elect to make that move away from this crowd if you dare. A friend reminds me of Robert Greene’s laws – “think as you wish but act as others”. This is a tough act to play for an individualist.

This brings me to my family and those that surround me in love. They are only politicians, pledging their unwavering loyalty to a constituency of great influence on their decisions –self. The instinct is of preservation however well-meaning the intentions may be.

I am anxious for reform of an economic kind. My reform.



Sleeping on monsters

My dreams are ‘dangerous’


Works of art

I fight to come alive


My eyes betray hell

The fire in my belly


Well. its why my words

Are-a-consuming. sell


Purifying to the mind

Faltering to the find


Bell. Every morning

A discovery. shell


And I smile at it all

to rise at each fall


I know where,

I am going;






Baba while you were away:



I don’t know what to say.


Now that you are here;

We wanted to enthrone you

In a million-man-march


Now that you are here;

King, you have no need


To be.

I see


The difference is the forces;

in the discipline,

the banks and the guns


Knowledge of your presence

is comfort enough

you animate

friend &



now it’s beginning to sound

like an old testament ode.



this love of ours

for you is wrong.

it betrays all

against or for.

It is the law!



you are a subject in school

you are our collective voice;

hoarse, stuttering, unintelligible.

we walk to your call

to listen to our all


you are a basic need

you are the tears I weep


in the house on the hill,

we shall never be.