baba black sheep


black sheep..

do you have any votes

yes sir no sir

three strongholds


one from luo nyanza

one for the coast

another for the little western

that’s gone to jubilee.



first law of thermodynamics/ law of conservation of energy.

energy can neither be created nor destroyed ; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another


in kenya, as former vice president kijana wamalwa stated ; there are two political camps i) raila phobia ii) raila mania. the political groupings in kenya orbit around the son of the first vice-president of kenya… and founding father of kenya’s post independence opposition.

now that his time is done and maybe his political obituary and/or glowing eulogies ;

“my name is Ozymandias, king of kings

look on my works, ye mighty, and despair”


last week two days apart, two ladies, on two separate occassions out of the blue say to me passionately, “Raila will never be president!…” (and more i won’t elaborate on).  the ladies share a mother tongue with the president and deputy president of kenya respectively. the thing that got to me was that i would rather it were males. i would prefer … it were a man passed out drunk in a ditch, incoherently slurring wearing a top caked by dried vomit, a fresh patch of urine on their trousers and one shoe missing. that’s just me. i didn’t know whether to apologise for whatever sin the evil man raila did to them or dink into my repertoire  of raila/ luo bashing.  i’m sure he deserves it… he can handle it


i doubt any other (wo)man inspires as much emotion in kenya. the question then is where will Kenyans (citizens/residents of the country kenya) take all this energy or to whom will it be transferred or how. now that raila is on self destruct mode a la 2 pac ‘me against the world’ , ‘f* friends’ . it always however translates to… a luo something or another.


a change is gon come. maybe it’s time another person gets to be a scape goat… baba’s a black sheep… and old. but if you are really an underdog champion… here’s your chance. ha ha


batman vs the joker



a glance; nip/tuck

i don’t think it’s ‘hate speech’ when a man decides to talk about part of another man’s reproductive anatomy. a piece of skin. this fixation… could it be love speech? a piece of skin that affects reason?

i doubt its the last speech. and to think two heads are better than one… my-skin-my-choice demonstrations/ parade would be borne of the same lust speech. quite distasteful a follow up to the WHO warnings on processed meat and cancer. btw who’s the CS of health?

maybe its ‘free speech’ because the mind is not engaged or because you don’t have to pay for the carelessness of its employ.   it must be a very ‘happy’ man … or plain old english ‘gay’. otherwise…

surely, a black man can’t be racist, can he? early in U.S.A the narrative was that a black man was inferior on account of his skin… it’s colour that is. it explained his stupidity and childishness. they spoke of his libido and put him and her on exhibition. “look at that !” they would exclaim. now look at what we have on display the utterances hanging in the air needling at as needing us to approve of and discuss and laugh and clap.

is it not inferiority complex that today by getting rid of a piece of that skin the black man becomes endowed with intelligence, wit, charm, power, wealth, respect, a leader of men? … a surgical procedure away. besides the WHO encourages it for sexual health reasons of course.

if you have had this surgical procedure and are experiencing none of the afore-listed benefits.. it is patience you need. then it must be a great discovery which inadvertently reinforces the claims made in the jim crowe era. what is called racism taken from this perspective then isn’t such a bad thing. a piece of skin… just a piece of skin… only a man with love in his heart would advise you to be as good as he is and just to get the doubters.. it is in the bible!!

we are 80% christian nation and it is a practise of the muslim nation as well  …

… nimechoka ata kuandika. mjisort




willing buyer –
willing seller

who owns – kenya?
i know hustlers.

broke Kenya
laws broke

share a coke
*sniff* *sniff*

enjoy the show

poverty politics poetry

‘the left arm is abusing the right arm when they actually belong to one body’

‘you know sometimes the body rejects a part in the case of transplants’

so went the discussion on this weeks news item ‘poverty stricken’ reaction of hon. gladys wanga to ‘hon’. mutahi ngunyi’s analysis of the ‘lord of poverty’. still in this week Meru town was ‘brought to a stand-still’ by a man from the lake seeking the hand of one of their girls in marriage. one jared otieno, a business man flanked by hon. james orengo and hon. prof. anyang’ nyong’o. in attendance was the hon. peter munya governor Meru county and hon. kiraitu murungi senator Meru county.  hon. gladys wanga and jared otieno hail from homa bay county… some say ‘hon’.mutahi ngunyi from Meru county

‘poverty stricken mar meru’

that was hon.gladys wanga’s tweet to ‘hon’.mutahi ngunyi. it is vernacular for ‘poverty stricken your mother’ it is intended as an insult not that i think political scientist ‘hon’. mutahi ngunyi was insulting by pointing out the obvious.

“Are LUOs poor? No idea.THEY SHOULD TELL US. Are there POVERTY STRICKEN LUOs. YES. Statistics: 82% of people in BONDO live below poverty line”

its most famous son, raila amolo odinga the leader of opposition is to him ‘lord of poverty’;

“Raila should be put on TRIAL. The JUDGE: poverty stricken LUOs. And LUHYAs craving his bondage. CHARGE: selfishness, selfishness, selfishness.”
so reads the tweet that earned him the wrath of hon. gladys wanga. the honorable member’s phrase could be with application of slight change in intonation mean ‘poverty stricken is the meru’s’.
“The LUO NATION is spell bound by RAILA. Period. That is why they call him BABA like NYAYO. In fact the only BABA after NYAYO. Mental SLAVERY”
the way some words are stressed reminds me of the plethora of ‘online gutter press’ but i respect the effectiveness of the brevity. in high school it is identified as one of the characteristics of good poetry. communication done. Now, “not all who call me ‘lord’! ‘lord’!… shall see the kingdom (of poverty)”. .. 82% is a BIG percentage! about names, our president is called MUTHAMAKI  and is also referred to as KAMWANA- maybe our political scientist could profile the users of these names. ‘hon’. mutahi ngunyi knows how to get people talking because truth hurts… or maybe ‘a lie gets around the world before the truth put on its boots. who knows?
ilianza tu na ka selfie- our president went and made a deal to import sugar from uganda to shore up on the shortfall – double tap! then the ill informed opposition as usual in their unpatriotism started heckling. the raucous was instigated by the dire straits in which the sugar producing region is in. ungrateful brutes, m.p’s from the region, even after a bundle of money was thrown at the problem that is eating at Mumias Sugar Company refused an invite by the head of state to tea! the stereotype on their relationship with this beverage was put into question or it just highlighted how displeased they were. an opposition governor was a former MD at the troubled company.
reports in the media did not help matters much; a private Kenyan owned company milked the camaraderie between the heads of state an opportunity for good business not to be wasted. the Ugandan president weighed in on the issue. remember him of the ‘these jaruos are mad’ fame. allegations of impropriety were levelled at the scientist concerning his dealings with NYS. rumours and hear-say undeserving of any response or comment.
“Yes, I’m the lord of poverty because I speak for many poor people while he (Ruto) is the high priest of corruption because he speaks for wealthy people with ill-gotten wealth.”
i dont know if he’s honourable or not, right or wrong but he has accepted the title bestowed on him. the contention is the poverty. i could say of ideas, character, principles. what has the opposition done to help the poverty stricken luos and luhyas craving bondage who’s livelihood is the sugar cane? what ideas have they- boycotting sugar and/or milk ?
… Er, i am thinking along the lines of self sufficiency… sustainability… economic empowerment…
o.k, most importantly, what are the poverty stricken luos and luhyas craving bondage doing about it?

Hon. kiraitu murungi was Lord. Rt. Hon. Dr. raila amolo odinga’s lawyer during the latter’s residence at kamiti maximum security prison and once pleaded with the ‘lord’ to eat during a determined fast to the death.  during the business man jared otieno’s trip to Meru he spoke;


‘“A long time ago, the Ameru did not let their daughters get married to Luos. They used to worry about what they will eat in Nyanza, because they thought there was only fish, which they did not like”


“Imenti South and Nyanza South are getting cosy as far as marriages go. It is good, because it is a way of bringing tribes together”

mar‘ not only means ‘belonging to’ but also ‘mother in law’. in english it means ‘to spoil/ ruin/ damage ‘.

again, hon. gladys wanga’s

– ‘poverty stricken mar meru”:


poverty stricken your mother

poverty stricken belongs to your mother

poverty stricken belongs to (a)meru

poverty stricken is the mother-in-law to your mother

poverty stricken spoil/ ruin/ damage your mother

poverty stricken spoil/ ruin/ damage (a)meru


(wo)man is to err; it could have been over zealousness in conciliation resulting in a typo. We forgave a former minister of finance a few million shilling typing error and are eternally patient with hon. moses kuria. in all innocence i suppose it was a minor NON-ISSUE misunderstanding. (sorry, i couldn’t resist ).

in the context of the weeks events and the opening to this article the hon. gladys wanga’s tweet must have been intended to be

‘poverty stricken marry meru’

there is a residual evidence of an insult even in this however, involved parties and participants should agree to dis agree on


poverty stricken marry your mother –


i.e. your father is poverty stricken.

i mean without (innuendingkizungu ni ngumu!) implying that your mother is promiscuous …

lets say she is unfortunate.



poverty stricken marry (a)meru –


luo marry (a)meru…

‘jared otieno’ marries ‘kendi mwiti’

interestingly ‘kendi’ means ‘alone’  or ‘get married’



you realise this could go on … and on.. and on….

energised by ignorance, arrogance ….and ..and.. and…


…i’m tired, you decide




love is a chemical


in the brain




is schizophrenia



now, you know


the gods MUST BE



meet the parents;

demagogue demigods



to procreation

from recreation



so, you’re special


God commands it

rainbow (machete & arrows) nation

Blood is not a beautiful sight for all its poetic qualities. Like birth… and the extraction of a tooth, ouch!

When you see the rainbow *clap *clap

When you see the rainbow …

Remember God is Love…


As Kenyans we would smugly comment; at least we only kill each other! President Robert Mugabe ridiculed the misdirected anger of a (portion of the) nation. Things it seems are going south, and the Africans are fed up. Actually, some say it is because they are hungry. We all know what they say about a hungry man.

Other Africans are taking their jobs… and their women. Someone said that if a foreigner takes your job in your country than you ain’t sh*. Women love winners and maybe that covers that. You need not complain of something that wasn’t yours to start with, but we get the point.

The affirmative action could be the issue, or is it? There are quotas to be filled. The black have their portion, the white, yellow, red… and every other colour. It is a rainbow after all. It is raining blood sadly. Every colour has its place.

Patience is a virtue. Freedom is coming tomorrow. Keep singing and dancing and chanting. The pot of gold is a myth or the foreigners made away with it. There were arrows at the end of the bow and they quiver through the air

Nkosi sikeleli afrika

It’s a long walk to free doom on ubuntu. Yes, It won’t put food on my table! Man-eat-man; is human flesh sweet, foreign meat? The freedom babies are past their teen age and full of rage. Jo’burg is a murder capital and robbery with violence is at a premium free-to-air.

Somebody never told them what it means; there is nothing for free. Nobody can save you not DStv not ANC. Take your heads out of the skies and your eyes off the rainbow this is not 1994 this is no Sarafina song. Need I remind you Tata is gone.

When you see the rainbow *clap *clap

When you see the rainbow …

Ask yourselves where did the rain start beating you? Dry yourself, you could catch a cold or pneumonia.

Blame God, blame the world and after you’re done, wake up and get to work!

Yes, it is everyone’s fault but my own that we can’t deliver on the job. It’s the opposition, foreigners, the media, burning mattresses, history, travel advisories, communities, parents, governors, teachers, civil servants, your responsibility, judiciary etc. Someone needs a hug limping about how the world is unfair. How unfortunate someone’s-going-to-have-to-cry-in-church-again.

embarass yourself

I am disappointed… sorry. I feel embarrassed for the president of Kenya. The title of Commander in chief is getting to him. With trepidation I have heard issued executive orders from the pulpit of the head of state. I have thought the flirtations with the military ‘swag’ as dangerous and not an innocent ‘double tap’.

The man the president hopes to fashion his image after is the POTUS. The last man to don the military uniform and occupy the seat of president I think was George Washington, I could be wrong. Anyway, it is the commander in chief… OF THE ARMED FORCES! We have to turn the population into soldiers to be able to execute and get used to the command structures. What a sight it would be to have that son of K’ogelo in full military gear, ceremonial or whatever.

We collectively held our faces in our hands after the Mpeketoni attacks found that your utterances were off. Pointing fingers is rude especially if you are wrong or the fingers are crooked. Where is the respect you deserve when you are made to be but a dressed up crown… maybe I’ve shrubbed there. Who’s my mother – right? They are saying you are a jolly good fellow but your leadership is folly. It pains me when they call you ‘muthamaki’… your highness, but I protest that it’s just the colour of your eyes. Honest

We love a ‘cool’ digital prezzy but you could cut down on the selfies. Some claim that billy is a liability maybe they just don’t like him. Hope you got the 30,000 acre Taita Taveta land lease renewed the people were distracted.

I’ve always told them how smart you are. Always a step ahead of opposition; It was demonstrated when you took the initiative away from them in the PAC saga that was threatening to spill out of hand. Your state of the nation address was genius. Someone must have remembered a junior senator’s lecture. Terrorists have the worst timing. The police recruitment’s alleged corruption… nonsense

Kids say the darnest things, ‘the emperor is naked!’

The imperial president, your father… and of the nation had his fly whisk, the maendeleo president had a ‘rungu’, the pumbavu 1st class hons intellectual … a golf stick. You trump them all, you have the microphone. (billy has a maize cob… and a plot.. many plots your friends claim – watch him closely)

People need to cede to your authority. To give you more space to work and more time too since the contract stated that you have a five year probation. You are only the intern and all these problems are the result of indigestible nusu mkate of the coalition bakery. I mean, the other nusu mkate… no no no… not that this is a nusu mkate come on… I am being misquoted. Yes, you see, there is a full nusu mkate now with the new surprise party we are having, BOYD and it is invite only!

Now, we hang in there step nowhere that’s the first step. We will win even if we don’t overcome