power & hunger.


rao is power hungry.

i say, rao is hungry.


hunger is power.


why can’t he quit? he’s too old. why can’y he anoint someone a successor, he’s good at that – x tosha! he’s a good kingmaker but he’ll never be king. he’s lost so many presidential ‘contests’ – he’s a loser. frankly, i would vote for rao but these (—- ) are mad!


am still on the ‘luo president’ note. he’s been told before not once not twice, behind closed doors. a luo is unelectable to the office of the presidency though his/her support is welcome. what then can be said to an ogiek lady of her prospects – does she even count .. does she warrant attention .. is she worthy of being considered even and be informed of her ineligibility or of her prospects? .. what of my arjuran clan relatives… does my nephew matter in the plan… could he make it into the question of being fit for such an office?


this would all go away and the path would b cleared if the declaration would determine a qualifying statement,” there wil be presidents – but never a luo as president2. then i would rejoice for them… free, free… thank god .. free at last to be. .


in this way rao’s pretence to the throne ‘the people’s president ‘ is not so grating .. provided he’s not the republic of kenya’s president’ hehe. nicely done. his claim ceases to be interpreted as the voice of the hungry – the poor – the underdog. rao is no peasant. granted. and for this ignominy he becomes ‘lord of poverty’. yah?


hunger is power.

no, the hungry…

are powerful.


its irony is

what propels this power

becomes their powerlessness.


may be all this ire is pure envy – what’s with selfies in mud huts but only one smiling humble shining face?

may be its all genuine interest for the people  – come all ye who are hungry, taste and see that  i am good. i shall be your sponsor and you shall be my votes..


to give a man fish


to teach a man to fish

that is the question…


which by your estimation would invite the hungry??

let it be here known that the choice so made is

‘fair, independent and… development’

the people want

to work with the government



what then happens

to the government working for them?




c.c ICC





there will be blood

when the lines are blurred

between reason

and treason



on the leaves, trees

on the streets, seats

of power


the hour

of lost control

misdirected hate


i await the state

of emergency

fulfil my prophecy


like father

like son

i like none


kofi annan

ita chai

kikuyu president

luo dissident

-problem one.


missing resident

Kenya(n) land


truth is discomfort

bend or break


there is blood…

on the flag and

public offices


on the flag

there is darkness

and death


in the land

injustice prays



Baba while you were away:



I don’t know what to say.


Now that you are here;

We wanted to enthrone you

In a million-man-march


Now that you are here;

King, you have no need


To be.

I see


The difference is the forces;

in the discipline,

the banks and the guns


Knowledge of your presence

is comfort enough

you animate

friend &



now it’s beginning to sound

like an old testament ode.



this love of ours

for you is wrong.

it betrays all

against or for.

It is the law!



you are a subject in school

you are our collective voice;

hoarse, stuttering, unintelligible.

we walk to your call

to listen to our all


you are a basic need

you are the tears I weep


in the house on the hill,

we shall never be.



LUO is to follow

Luo is to follow.

They follow their hearts and they become emotional, passionate, romantic or rowdy.

They follow their minds and they pride themselves in scholarly prowess.


‘Jaluo jinga jeuri’

‘jaluo jamach jaraha’


We mustn’t forget but we can’t anyway, they don’t tire of reminding us of their achievements individually or by association. Lupita Nyong’o and Barack Hussein Obama just to mention a few as a highlight of their capabilities; A prophet is never accepted in their home, they say.

Look at them march from a Gor Mahia fc match you never know the results be it a loss, draw or win. They take their frustrations out on the hapless inanimate objects; Kibera railway line. There is a demonstration of a lack of appreciation for abstraction as they descend on prayerful sculptures claiming devil worship. They won’t listen to their demi-god Raila Amolo Odinga and pundits call out the effects of mirages in the political wilderness.


“Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house”

Apparently, they don’t live in glass houses.


There is talk of Luo ‘North-Nyanza’ and Luo ‘South-Nyanza’. Luo is in dire need of a visionary leadership. What we are hearing is a dealership.  It may be interpreted as impatient impertinence of the young blood.  There is talk of death…


“These Jaruos are mad!”

There shall never be a Luo president!  (… in Kenya).



(Third world problems)