yesterday i said goodbye.

my cousin been telling me often to write something. a small caption to try and decipher or decode my writing. i heard also that what i write is complex or that i am complex and cryptic.

yet i feel everything i say or try to put across is to the best of my abilities coherent.  Paulo Coehlo describes writing as a socially acceptable form of getting naked in public. am not a nudist but on that score is it that i strip tease?


getting naked.


i advocate no pretense. the inadequacies of  covering our insecurities. exposing our vulnerabilities is best done to friends. it calls for them winning our trust. its then we can shed our skin and the self defense schemes and machinations…


i’ll be or try to show a little bit more of myself. maybe put down the behind the scenes of  my creation.



Amy Winehouse




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